Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Get Reading! launched today

The Get Reading! 2010 program is an initiative of the Australian Council of the Arts and as quoted on the Get Reading website is "the largest annual celebration of books and reading in Australia". Previously promoted as Books Alive, the Get Reading! program encourages us all to get a book, get comfy and get reading during the month of September.

Keep an eye out for the books promoted by the program as the 50 books you can't put down. For further information access the Get Reading! website at www.getreading.com.au or contact library staff at the Dandenong and Springvale Library branches for assistance.

Happy reading

Sunday, 15 August 2010

After America by John Birmingham

After America the latest techno-thriller by Australian author John Birmingham is not for the faint hearted. Liberally sprinkled with bodies and frank language, it follows on from his bestselling Without Warning. In the first book, the USA is enveloped by a deadly energy wave, that wiped that great nation from the affairs of the world. In the power vacuum left the world implodes. Nuclear and civial war erupts throughout the world.

After America follows characters in Without Warning and political situations that developed from this implosion, with characteristic violence and odd humour. Caitlin the super, robotic assassin is now a breast-feading mother, Jules the smuggler is now undergoing reconstruction work and Miguel the Mexican has spent several years in Australia with his family before resettling as a farmer in southern USA, now depopulated and back to wild frontier country in more ways than one. A fascinating, apocolyptic read examining what could happen if terrible war is let loose on the world.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Precious by Sapphire

Precious (originally titled Push and adapted into a motion picture), a story about the titled character, a 16 year old illiterate, sexually and physically abused African-American girl living in Harlem, is a confronting, yet compelling read. Gritty, horrific, but inspirational as well; this journal styled text has Precious sharing many traumatic and faith restoring experiences with her readers.

Whilst the abuse Precious describes is emotionally draining to read, the characters you meet that help and support her, and her own self growth kept me reading. Precious begins her journey very subdued by her circumstances, yet develops a strength of will and focus to attend an Alternative Education Programme to learn to read and write, to better herself and make a better life for her children. It is an engaging story.

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