Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Love and the Platypus by Nicholas Drayson

A beautiful, engrossing book appealing to those who love Australian wildlife and history. The story enfolds slowly, interspersed with multiple comments on the breeding habits of the Platypus. William, a Scottish Zoologist has been sent to Australia to scientifically investigate whether Platypus lay eggs.

Upon arriving at Burnett River, Queensland after a series of adventures with outback characters such as the drunken bullock driver, William sets up his lavish camp and proceeds to investigate the numerous Playtypus. William is helped in his endeavours by local aboriginals, learning their tragic history.

The beauty of the bush is explored lyrically by the author as William discovers the habits of the creatures surrounding him. Along the way he meets two sisters, one blind, one aboriginal and their story builds to a gruesome conclusion. The obsessive nature of zoological investigation and its consequences for the Platypus maybe off putting for some readers.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

If you've been following Becky Brandon, nee Bloomwood, in the "Shopaholic" series you will love this latest installment. Becky now has a two year old daughter, Minnie, who loves to create havoc everywhere, loves the word 'mine' and who is even kicked out from 'Santa's Grotto' at Harrods but who knows how to stop taxis and the words 'Visa, Starbucks and shopping'.

Luke, Becky's husband, is concerned about his daughter's behaviour and hires Nanny Sue to give a diagnosis on his daughter, which Becky absolutely hates and goes out of her way to prove there is nothing wrong with Minnie. Of course this causes tension between Luke and Becky but when Nanny Sue meets them with her feedback they are in for a surprise.

At the moment there's a big financial crisis so everyone is having to cut back, including all of Becky's personal shopping clients. As Becky and Luck are still living with her parents the tension in that household increases, especially as Becky's parents seem to find their house is slowly getting smaller and smaller with all of Becky's belongings.

To cheer everyone up Becky decides to throw Luke a surprise birthday party on a budget and this is where the fun really starts as she struggles to keep it quiet from Luke. The party is getting bigger and bigger and everyone seems to know about it which causes Becky to frantically destroy Luke's Blackberry, laptop and employ devious means of keeping Luke away from the Internet, especially as some work colleagues even create YouTube clips. Amongst all the mayhem and with a lot of surprise help from movie stars and a 'surprise' source, the party is an absolute success which really does end up being a surprise for Luke.

This is a fun read which does cause you to laugh at some of the mishaps Becky creates along the way and leaves you waiting for the next installment when they travel to Hollywood.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Prime Minister's Literary Award Winners 2010

Today the winners of Australia's richest Literary Prize were announced by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister for the Arts Simon Crean.

Dog Boy by Eva Hornung won the Fiction prize, while The Colony : A History of Early Sydney by Grace Kraskens won for Non-Fiction.

New prizes for both Children's and Young Adult fiction were awared to Star Jumps by Lorraine Marwood and Confessions of a Liar, Thief and and Failed Sex God by Bill Condon repectively.

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