Thursday, 23 December 2010


I have recently come across some interesting websites that are worth exploring for new rading ideas. They are great for finding reading suggestions.

The Reading Room

You can create your own profile and add the books you read to your bookshelf and add reviews and recommendations. You can also join a range of online reading groups.

Love Reading

Lots of book reviews and suggestions. Check out the section 'like for like' where you can type in the name of an author you like and get suggestions of other authors and books to read. You can also search for books by a really extensive list of categories, such as 'for the boys', 'provocative prose', 'relationship tales' and more.


Discover new authors. You can type in the name of 3 authors you like and get suggestions for other authors to try or you can type in the name of 1 author and get a list of authors that are related.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith

This is a great book if you are looking for something fun to read over the summer holidays. I was initially a bit sceptical if I would enjoy this reworking of one of my favourite books of all time so began it with some reluctance. The story is very similar to Austen's original and in fact much of the dialogue is taken directly from the original book. The story line and characters are also the same as the original book. Just with the addition of zombies! If this sounds ridiculous - it is. It is completely silly, and yet that is what I enjoyed (much to my own surprise).


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Monday, 6 December 2010

To Love Honour and Betray: Till Divorce Us Do Part by Kathy Lette

Well this is not my normal type of reading but having read an article by Kathy Lette which was intuitive and right on the money with her humoristic appreciation of the British that I felt it worth picking this up.

In this very relatable narrative Lette brings a fabulous balance of fun, realism and excellent dialogue from both the Aussie perspective and that of a British migrant, Lucy. When Lucy's husband of eighteen years runs out on her, she'll do anything to win him back, including climbing out of her bedroom window at one in the moring wearing her daughter's mini skirt. Jasper has left Lucy for her best friend, the chic and thin interior decorator Renee. To make matters worse, her teenage daughter Tally, blames her Mum. 'Dad left becuase you've let yourself go, you're overwight and you nagged him. No wonder he buggered off.' While Tally is busy trying to find a loophole in her birth certificate sho she can put herself up for adoption, Lucy tries to accept that a child is for life and not just for Christmas.

Although a signed-up member of Underachievers Anonymous, in Lucy's quest to win back her husband she learns to be a surf life saver, loses weight and gets a job. She also falls in lust, finds herself torn between an older and a much younger man. however it's not until Lucy makes the Freudian discovery that her toy boy is also dating her daughter - and that he's been paid to do so by her conniving ex as ammunition for a custody battle, that she finally learns to stand on her own two stilettos.

Whilst I was frustrated for Lucy because of her inability to grasp the reality of her situation I was complelled to keep on reading. I hightly recommend this as a good chick read which will keep you turning the pages.

By Jane

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