Friday, 20 December 2013

Summer Holiday OPENING HOURS 2013-2014

The staff of City of Greater Dandenong Libraries wish you a safe and happy festive season.

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Sunday 26 January 2014

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Zinio Magazine of the Month: Vogue Australia

Vogue Australia epitomises the finest in fashion, design and journalism, combining a modern mix of glamour, style and intelligence. It enlightens, entertains and inspires by focusing on its position as the authoritative voice in Australian fashion.

Featured this month is Jessica Hart – Media mogul in the making. With her own natural make-up brand and her trademark gap-toothed grin, Jessica Hart is taking on the fashion world on her own terms.

Also in this month’s issue: Aspen, the swanky ski resort and hangout for the fabulously rich, has a surprising summery side. See it in full bloom.

Download the magazine FREE from Zinio, simply log onto the library website to find out more.

Friday, 13 December 2013

All good things by Sarah Turnbull

Sarah Turnbull’s latest travel memoir, ‘All Good things’, transports her from the Parisian patisseries and boulevards she came to call home in ‘Almost French’ to exotic island living in Tahiti. After finding true love with a French lawyer and surviving the ups and downs of being an outsider in Paris, Sarah’s new book is more personal and reflective than her debut.

Sarah joins her husband Frederic for an adventure when he agrees to set up an office in Papeete, Tahiti for his law firm. She has two aims while there, to write a French historical novel and to have a baby. They set up home with their Scottie dog in an idyllic island setting in a house complete with its own lagoon. Sarah quickly befriends her neighbours and locals while learning about the culture and customs of island life.

While Sarah’s plan to write a novel goes on the back burner, her desire to conceive becomes all encompassing with frustrated visits to doctors and more attempts with IVF. After reading this, I went back to where it all started with ‘Almost French’ and relived Sarah’s first adventure. It will be interesting to see where her next adventure takes her.


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Friday, 6 December 2013

The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan

This is a wonderful book that I would recommend for readers who enjoy chick-lit or just love chocolate and Paris. It’s a wonderful romantic story that delves into the lives, the loves and the past of it’s two main characters,thirty-year-old Anna and the older Claire, who years previously was her French teacher.

The story begins when Anna ends up in a hospital following a freak accident at the chocolate factory in which she works. Here, she finds herself reuniting with her old French teacher, Claire, who happens to be on the same ward receiving treatment for cancer. The two women start to bond during their stay and Claire takes it upon herself to push Anna to her full potential, teaching her more French and orchestrating an opportunity of a lifetime for her to work with a famous French chocolatier called Thierry Girard.

The narrative is mostly set in the 21st century, following Anna’s adventure when she sets out into the unknown, and starts to learn some independence. But interleaved throughout is the story of Claire’s own adventures in Paris when she was 17. Although the two women are a generation apart in age, and grew up in completely different circumstances, their stories intertwine beautifully.
The story becomes this amazing adventure in the present day through Anna’s eyes, as well as a beautifully written narrative that takes us on a journey through Claire’s history as an au pair in Paris. Although decades apart, the similarities of the two stories come to life, as we are thrust into both of their wonderful adventures full of love and romance in the beautiful city of Paris. And although the story is overshadowed by Claire’s battle with cancer, as well as being set at different times in their lives, you really experience how both women grow almost identically from being insecure and lost soles, to strong and enviable characters.

The details in this book truly make the story come to life, from the descriptions of Anna and Claire and their adventures, to the mouth-watering chocolate, to the delicious food and to the picturesque setting of Paris. There is a superb mixture of happiness, love, fun, romance and sadness that are all balanced out perfectly together.

There are exquisite descriptions throughout the book with vivid imagery details and the author skilfully describes the tastes of various fine chocolates, chocolate making processes. There’s also lots of descriptions of the French culture and characteristics of Paris, and I thought she captured the city and the lifestyle of Parisian perfectly.

We share Anna’s adventures in Paris and meet her flamboyant flat mate, Sami, as well as the moody chef Laurent, who turns out to be Thierry’s son.

It turns out Thierry was Claire’s old flame and after he suffers a heart attack, Claire goes against her families wishes and travels back to Paris where the two of them meet up again, if only briefly.

I thought this was a lovely story about how Anna, who was in a rut going nowhere in her life, grows into a confident woman and how a young first love can remain a part of people’s lives forever.

I found I couldn’t put this book down and I find Jenny Colgan really captures her characters so that you can’t help but get involved in their stories. I found this with her other novels, The Cupcake cafĂ© books and the Sweetshop books equally enjoyable.

The book ends with a selection of chocolate recipes as an extra treat.


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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Retire and live the dream by Annette Edis

I thought – easier said than done!

However Annette gives no excuses for a positive and enthusiastic mindset to live your dream.

Annette and her husband have sold up everything and gone to live in Italy – la Dolce Vita.

This book is a biographical picture of Annette and her husband, Ray’s life with lots of historic memories for anyone who has lived through life in the 1950s and 60s as a young person and also a great travelogue through many adventures experienced by the Edis’.

Even if you are not thinking yet of retiring but love the idea of travel or reading about another Aussie life this book is worth your attention.


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