Monday, 31 July 2017

Sun and moon sisters by Khoa Le

Sun and moon sisters is a beautiful illustrated picture book that tells the story about two sisters, Sun and Moon. These sisters run the sky but are jealous of the other’s ability and power. Until they decided to switch roles and problems started to appear! When Sun decided to shine all night, everyone is exhausted as they could not get any sleep. Plants started to die due to the heat, so everyone wanted Moon to come back. However, when Moon decided to appear throughout the day, everything was cold and dark, so everyone wanted Sun to come back.
From this experience, they learnt the lesson about the importance of harmony and that they are both equally important. After jealousy dims their affections, sisters learn to let love shine in this original tale that is redolent of folklore.
Sun and moon sisters is a sweet morality tale of cosmic misadventures and sibling rivalry.

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