Thursday, 27 July 2017

Wattle Creek by Fiona McCallum

Damien McAllister is a young farmer spending long, hard days on a farm he has no affection for. He is alone and lonely carrying on the family tradition and wondering why.
Damien hadn’t been himself for a while and had no one to talk to, but learned a long time ago to keep his problems to himself. Eventually he knew it was time to get some help.
Damien thought the doctor would just give him some tablets, but he was told to make an appointment to see a psychologist.
Jacqueline Havelock, a young psychologist has moved to Wattle Creek for twelve months - she has her own reasons for wanting to be away from it all in the country.
Jacqueline wants to help the community but soon realises that practicing in a small town can be challenging. Nothing is private and convincing patients like Damien to visit her without the whole town knowing is difficult. She develops a close friendship with the elderly widow Ethel who lives across the road. Ethel is willing to extend friendship and support to both Jacqueline and Damien as their relationship develops.
I did enjoy the story. Wattle Creek was a sweet book about two very different people and how they rely on each other in a small country town.

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