Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Eating ourselves sick by Louise Stephen

There are an increasing amount of books and documentaries out there expanding on the dangers of our modern day diet, a diet that is largely influenced by government standards. These standards are supposedly built upon the knowledgeable guidance of scientific experts, whose primary concern is the health and wellbeing of society. Except it’s not that simple. Experts are often recipients of generous funding by agricultural and food industry groups. As is the case with so many things, money plays a role in the ‘expert’ dietary advice filtering down through the media to the people. So Australian author Louise Stephen posits in her book, Eating ourselves sick.

Drawing on research around the world, Louise takes an in-depth look at the history of government dietary advice, food pyramids and industry standards. It’s not a pretty picture, with the almighty dollar governing what we are advised to eat. Big pharmacological, medical and food industries all bring their weight to bear, resulting in a society plagued by diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
What this book is not is a diet book. Only in the final chapter does she touch on methods readers can employ to eat right and take control of their health. But if you are interested in finding out more about the behind-the-scenes machinations of the food industry, Eating ourselves sick is a good place to start.

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