Monday, 7 August 2017

U.S.A. adventure - Billy Connolly's Route 66

Billy Connolly is a Scottish stand-up comedian, actor, television presenter, musician, and author. Route 66 is about his journey on a three-wheeled motorbike along the historic United States road route. He also made this journey into a television series. These days Route 66 has been mostly replaced as the main travel route by newer interstate highways. However it is still popular with tourists.
I chose to read this book because I have enjoyed some of Connolly’s other work. I chose to review it because I enjoyed the book and thought it might appeal to people who enjoy travel writing.
One of the things I liked was Connolly’s enthusiasm. He admires positive achievements of human beings, such as great buildings, bridges and sculptures. He is also enthusiastic about people he meets along the way, such as a man who lives in an Amish community, and a Native American medicine man. Generally he finds that people are friendly and treat him well.
Another thing I liked was learning about the history and culture of the United States. Connolly mentions associations dedicated to preserving Route 66. He also talks about the civil war, racism, slavery, migration, prohibition, religion, engineering, Native Americans, Abraham Lincoln, railways, the wild west (which he first learnt about from cowboy movies), and music, including the song ‘Route 66’ by Bobby Troup which first inspired Connolly to take the trip.
Overall Route 66 is a good read for those who like armchair travel and who dream of going to the United States. Have you gone on a journey that you have enjoyed? Please send us your comments.

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